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What made Grant Trevithick write? Raised in El Paso, Texas, Grant was a typical young boy playing little league baseball while his dad coached. Grant says, “While growing up, I was always a science nut, highly inquisitive about everything, and a voracious reader." But after his divorce at age 29, he began a systematic search to find an explanation for God and “how to win at the game of life."

While Grant wrote any of his books, he virtually took the same journey as his readers. Writing the book forced him to examine his life at great depth and discover areas where he could apply his own teachings. While writing, Grant imagined his readers discovering that they had the power to create the greatest life they could imagine. The more he wrote, the greater his passion and dedication grew about making a difference in people’s lives.

Grant has achieved a fulfilling life in the tough crucible of the corporate world for more than twenty years. He was an account director with EDS, then he became Finance Director for AT&T. Outside the corporate realm, Grant Trevithick has earned the status of certified Master Prosperity Teacher and certified Fire Walking Instructor.

The Cosmic Puzzle: A Theory of Everything

The Cosmic Puzzle attempts to answer the universal questions people have when they are searching for understanding how and why everything in the Universe works the way that it does, and why God created the Universe in this exact manner. The Answer is the convergent point of science, philosophy, religion, spiritual, and every day observations.

Basically, this is how Albert Einstein, Brian Greene (quantum physicist), Stephen Hawkins (astrophysicist), Jesus Christ, La-Tzu (author of the Tao Te Ching), and Buddha got together over tacos and beer and wrote the Bible as the culmination of their respective works.

Paperback: 150 pages
Publisher: Quantum Spirituality Pr (November 1, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1589370945
ISBN-13: 978-1589370944

It is an inspiring, informative and uplifting read. — Catherine Morris, VHA Southwest
Explains all I’ve wondered about — Rosemary A.

Quantum Power of Thought: Designing Your New Future Today

Did you have a childhood in which you felt your parents respected you at all times, you felt heard and listened to, you always felt like you were honored in the way you deserved? The answer is, “Of course not." I have yet to meet any person who did not have some drama or trauma during childhood. Modern psychology tells us that we are defined by these childhood experiences, and it is these experiences that define who we are, what we will be able to achieve during our life, and how much happiness we can expect to enjoy. This theory is called “environmentalism" and was first introduced by world-famous psychologist B.F. Skinner. But if we believe this idea, then our entire life has already been decided by the time we reach adulthood (around 20 years old—earlier for some, never for others).

This certainly is not a very appealing perspective on life. Our entire life is already dictated to us by the time we are 20 years old, and we have no hope of changing it? After all, once we have experienced our childhood, once these experiences have created and defined who we are, then how can we ever hope to change the past? But is this really the way life works? Is life really that hopeless? Even though it may feel that way sometimes, even though it appears that this is the way our life is working, it is not the way our world operates.

In my book Quantum Power of Thought, I review and explore this common belief. In this discussion, you will quickly see that the past does not really dictate who we are—no matter how much it feels that way. We will then examine the incredible power of your mind, discovering how the seemingly hidden powers of your thoughts actually create your life today.

In this exploration, we will learn how the latest findings of modern science, explained in everyday language, have proven that the creation story in the Book of Genesis is absolutely valid, and why this great news can help make today so much greater than yesterday. Next we will look at all the world’s major spiritual teachings and what they have to say about the power of creative thought. Then, we will discover the remarkable findings of modern quantum mechanics, which have proven the power of faith and the power of our mind to create our world—not only in the present but also in our past.

By learning to leave the past behind through several simple techniques, we will soon learn to be free from all those imprisoning thoughts that have held us captive for years and may have caused us to live the same mistakes over and over.

We will then create a new vision for our future in which every one of our heart’s desires are fulfilled. We will create a vision of the future that is so inspiring that you cannot wait to live it today. Soon, you will find yourself living into that future—you will find all your greatest dreams coming true right before your eyes….

The foundation of this material is based on a highly ecumenical perspective, which encompasses virtually every major set of spiritual and religious teachings over the last six thousand years. This foundation is further supported by the latest findings of the most brilliant scientific minds, all explained in everyday common English. By integrating these messages into one theme, we remove the blind faith from Spirit and are left with the magnificence of a Spirit that operates in our life every day.

It is an inspiring, informative and uplifting read. — Catherine Morris, VHA Southwest
This is a MUST read for everyone. — Christopher M. Clark, Professor of Education, University of Delaware


Christopher M. Clark

Professor of Education, University of Delawar

Quantum Power of Thought provides a thought-provoking and fascinating perspective of the human condition. This book is full of optimism about our human capacity to change, to grow, and to lead more satisfying lives. This is MUST read for everyone.

Catherine Morris

Facilities Director, Supervisor, VHA Southwest

The Cosmic Puzzle is simply brilliant. The author carefully and thoughtfully answers all those questions that have bugged me my entire life. “If God is so powerful, why does He allow evil to harm his Children?” He even proves a solid foundation of scientific proof that the Bible and other religious and spiritual books are based on scientific facts; and most importantly, how we can take this knowledge and use it today to create a much greater life that I could have ever imagined. Great Book! I would recommend it to anyone looking for the meaning of life, or even how to improve theirs.

The Way It Is, a Simple Explanation of Spiritual Law

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Grant Trevithick reminds us of the words of great teachers over the ages. — Reverend Jeanne Porter Ashley, D.D.

Quantum Spirituality: A Journey of Personal Discovery

As it leads you through a remarkable journey of personal discovery, Quantum Spirituality “marries" the latest findings of science with ancient secrets of spirituality, to show you how to experience a life filled daily with joy and “miracles."

During this step-by-step journey, you’ll… discover how the fundamental Laws of Nature and Spirituality (be your view the Universe naturalistic, “spiritual," or both) allow you to create the life you long for most…

Discover how you can really overcome your natural tendencies to resist making positive changes in your life…

Discover long-hidden secrets now revealed that let you apply Nature’s and Spirit’s laws to create a life overflowing with:

Healthy Self-Love
Fulfilling Personal Relationships
Vitality and Health and…
Unlimited Abundance and Prosperity

Blending findings from quantum and relativity physics and medicine with those of history’s greatest spiritual masters and adepts, plus tons of well-lived common sense, Trevithick strips from invaluable life-growth guidance both scientific obscurantism and spiritual “incense-fog": Quantum Spirituality gives you in everyday language easy-to-follow, step-by-step techniques that will allow you to enter on your own unique journey to a life of limitless emotional, spiritual and material abundance – right away.

Quantum Spirituality is by far the most inspiring, enlightening and comprehensive spiritual book I read over the last 10 years — Karen Esposito
This is a MUST read if you are interested in learning more about yourself and the things that prevent you from living the life you dream about — Sandi R.

5 Secrets to Self-Love

In the midst of experiencing a lack of self-esteem, we often feel as if we alone are having these feelings. We feel embarrassed, ashamed, and lonely. We might even think that we alone, among everyone in the world, are having these self-doubts and experiencing a lack of self-love.

Well, you are not alone. We begin our exploration by examining the fact that every person on this planet who has ever lived, is now living, and will ever live has experienced the same thing. If everyone on this planet has and will experience these feelings, and if you believe in a Higher Power, then it is logical to assume these feelings are part of the divine plan. Through this material, we will learn that we are genetically designed at the cellular level to experience a lack of self-love. Having these feelings is perfectly normal.

Once we begin to learn to accept ourselves a little and to explore the root causes of our lack of self-confidence, we soon discover that having self-esteem issues is an integral part of our path to enlightenment. Spirit created us to have these feelings; we were designed to have these experiences even before we were born. These fears are part of our path to enlightenment and have been discussed in spiritual teachings for thousands of years.

Once we understand that our experiences are normal and there is nothing that we could have done to avoid these self-respect issues, we can then explore how to transform them. This material presents one simple, easy-to-understand principle to develop a deep, gentle, profound sense of self-love, self-confidence, and self-respect.

This book shares five simple techniques for applying this principle in your life. Each technique is explored in detail, with examples and moving stories that will give you motivation as you begin to apply these to your life. You will soon be filled with a new sense of confidence, a greater self-respect, and a gentle self-love. You will begin to experience yourself as more powerful, more capable, and ready to embrace life’s challenges.

Grant Trevithick reminds us of the words of great teachers over the ages. — Reverend Jeanne Porter Ashley, D.D.
I am so excited about making a commitment to Self-Love. Thank you! — Brian Moss, Montpelier, VA

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